Representing individuals in high-stakes criminal, regulatory, and civil matters is the principal business and passion of the firm. Indeed, Creizman LLC was formed for the very purpose of defending individuals and protecting their rights. The firm focuses on defending corporate executives, traders, hedge fund managers, entrepreneurs, politicians, and professionals in white collar and federal criminal and regulatory investigations and actions, as well as in internal corporate investigations. Creizman LLC’s attorneys have the judgment and experience to effectively represent individual defendants at every stage of an investigation, indicted case, or regulatory enforcement action. The firm also represents individuals in civil litigation and appeals. Creizman LLC provides individuals the kind of quality representation found at large corporate law firms with the personal attention, energy, innovation, and cost-effectiveness only available at a small, boutique law firms.

Practice Areas


Creizman LLC provides corporate officers and other personnel with strong, independent representation in litigation or internal investigations. The firm can also handle subpoenas issued to a corporation by a grand jury, regulatory agency, or party in a civil litigation in a cost-effective manner. Creizman LLC is an optimal choice for handling smaller litigation matters that are both inefficient and costly for regular outside large firm litigation counsel to handle. The firm also provides compliance training and drafts compliance policies relating to gifts, political contributions, insider trading, anti-money laundering/Bank Secrecy Act laws and regulations, export control violations, and Foreign Corrupt Practices Act violations, among other topics.

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Sentencing Advocacy

Creizman LLC is available to consult with attorneys about matters related to federal sentencing. The firm can be brought in at any stage of a criminal proceeding to:  (i) assess exposure under the federal sentencing guidelines; (ii) develop strategies and arguments in mitigation of sentencing before or after a guilty plea or verdict; (iii) draft sentencing memoranda and personal background of the client;  (iv) prepare clients for the Probation Department’s presentence investigation; (v) submit objections to the Presentence Investigation Report; (vi) obtain letters from friends, family members, and colleagues in support of a lenient sentence; (vii) identify experts that might assist in mitigation arguments; (viii) litigate restitution claims; (ix) assist in prison placement advocacy, and (x) prepare clients for the experience of federal prison. Creizman LLC can bring its considerable federal sentencing experience to maximize a client’s chances of a non-prison or non-guidelines sentence with optimal prison placement.

Local Counsel Services

Creizman LLC also is available to provide local counsel services to attorneys located outside of New York.  The firm’s attorneys are knowledgeable about the local federal and state courts, and are thoroughly conversant with local rules and practices.  As local counsel, Creizman LLC will provide as much assistance as desired in litigating or resolving your client’s case.

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