Federal Sentencing Advocacy

Creizman LLC’s attorneys are mindful of sentencing strategy from the inception of the representation. Even while engaged in motion practice, preparing for trial, or during the trial itself, the firm’s attorneys also focus on developing a record evincing mitigating facts about the client’s personal circumstances and the characteristics of the alleged offense so that by the time a client faces sentence, the sentencing judge is already well informed about reasons why a lenient sentence is warranted. Where necessary or advantageous, Creizman LLC will retain the services of respected forensic psychiatrists, social workers, and other experts to support sentencing arguments. Creizman LLC’s sentencing strategies are designed to maximize the client’s chances of obtaining a non-prison sentence, and if that is unattainable, the lowest prison sentence possible at the best prison facility available, with the greatest possible opportunity for early release.

Eric Creizman is a savvy practitioner in federal sentencing matters, having handled scores of sentencing proceedings for defendants convicted of a wide variety of federal crimes. He also is thoroughly familiar with the Federal Bureau of Prisons’ policies and procedures, and has dealt with its key personnel in numerous sentencing engagements. Because of his experience in federal sentencing hearings, lawyers at Mr. Creizman’s previous firms frequently consulted with him on sentencing issues in their own cases and invited him to work on cases at the sentencing stage in order to craft sentencing submissions. Mr. Creizman has received accolades from judges, adversaries, and the legal media for his work in sentencing matters:

“one of the best submissions I have seen on a sentence . . .”

“very complete . . . excellent submissions”