Business and Financial Crimes

Creizman LLC represents individuals and institutions in deeply complex sophisticated white collar and federal criminal matters. As a result, Creizman LLC is specifically positioned to defend clients in investigations or prosecutions for business and financial crimes.

The firm has participated in every facet of white collar and federal criminal matters, including pre-indictment advocacy, grand jury investigations, complex bail proceedings, pretrial motions, motions in limine, jury selection, trials, sentencing, restitution, forfeiture, and other post-conviction proceedings. He has vast experience in handling investigations and prosecutions brought under a wide variety of federal criminal statutes, including banking fraud, bankruptcy fraud, health care fraud, bitcoin schemes, computer crimes, securities fraud, mail and wire fraud schemes, “boiler room” schemes, ponzi schemes, insider trading, government contracting fraud, labor bribery, commercial bribery, health care fraud, criminal antitrust violations, political corruption, Bank Secrecy Act and Anti-Money-Laundering violations, structuring, import/export offenses, fish and wildlife offenses, criminal copyright and counterfeiting offenses, computer-related crimes, conspiracy offenses, and tax offenses. Creizman LLC has received accolades from clients, judges, and prosecutors for his creative and forceful arguments and his effectiveness both in motion pratice and in the courtroom.

Creizman LLC aggressively investigates the prosecution’s case, and it does so well before the defense is entitled to key discovery material from the government, by interviewing witnesses, serving third-party document subpoenas, and performing extensive document analysis. This kind of meticulous preparation enables the firm to master the facts, make persuasive legal arguments, prepare for trial, and approach any negotiation with prosecutors from a position of strength. Creizman LLC employs this same proactive approach in post-conviction proceedings, appeals, and habeas corpus petitions. (more: representative engagements)