For over a decade, Eric Creizman has defended clients in white collar and federal criminal matters and regulatory investigations, going up against the limitless resources of the government. As a result, Mr. Creizman has gained a deep understanding of prosecutorial strategies and practices, and often anticipates his adversary’s next move. Having focused his practice solely on defending clients, it is second-nature for Mr. Creizman to craft persuasive and creative defense arguments, conduct thorough pretrial investigations, cross-examine difficult witnesses, and negotiate favorable dispositions. Mr. Creizman’s mindset and instincts are those of a defense lawyer. Indeed, Mr. Creizman is as passionate about protecting his client from convictions, prison sentences, and monetary penalties as the prosecutors he faces are in pursuing them. For Creizman LLC, throwing in the towel is never an opening gambit — its goal always is victory and obtaining the best possible result for its clients. Mr. Creizman’s fierce advocacy has earned the respect of prosecutors and the confidence of his clients.

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