Creizman LLC

Mission Statement

Eric Creizman, a 12-year veteran of practicing at large, elite New York law firms, founded Creizman LLC to provide clients with the kind of perfectionist approach and professionalism generally found only at large, international firms, and to do so in a client-accessible, streamlined, and cost-effective manner. In each and every case, the firm’s attorneys focus on approaching legal and factual issues thoughtfully and creatively, vigorously protecting the client’s interests, and aggressively pursuing the clients’ objectives. The firm’s overarching purpose is to deliver each client his or her “day in court” by leaving no possible strategy unexplored, executing the best plan to achieve the client’s goals, and persuading the client that each decision the firm pursues is best suited to deliver favorable outcomes.

Our Philosophy

Every client comes to our firm with a vitally important matter that deserves to be treated with the utmost attention and care. Creizman LLC develops highly-collaborative relationships with its clients in which information freely flows both ways, with the attorneys obtaining a clear understanding of the client’s concerns, objectives, and priorities, and then pursuing strategies best designed to accomplish the client’s goals. Creizman LLC does not waste time explaining why something cannot be done, but strives to devise a creative solution to the client’s problems and to persuade the client that the firm’s recommended solution is the right one. The firm takes a bold and purposeful “no blink” approach to litigation, ready and willing to take a matter to trial if a satisfactory resolution cannot be achieved. Creizman LLC staffs each of its matters leanly, always mindful of the client’s bottom line.