Creizman LLC client receives 83% lower sentence than recommended by Federal Sentencing Guidelines, even after conviction at trial.

In a fiercely contested sentencing proceeding, in which the government advocated for a sentence found by the judge to warrant a 78-97 month sentence of imprisonment, following sentencing submissions and presentations at the sentencing hearing, a federal district court judge in Manhattan sentenced a Creizman LLC client to only 16 months of imprisonment. The Creizman LLC client was convicted after a high-profile bitterly contested four-week trial in which the government accused Creizman LLC’s client of conspiring to commit fraud in connection with a Bitcoin business. The jury deliberated for five days before reaching their verdict. At a hearing before trial, it was revealed that the government had offered the Creizman LLC client plea agreement, with a Guidelines sentencing range of 10-16 months imprisonment. The Creizman LLC client declined the government’s plea offer, and even though convicted at trial, received the same sentence contemplated by the plea agreement.

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Tech Expert Bitcoin Bank Bribery Case PDF