Creizman LLC Featured in Media for Representations in Back-to-Back High-Profile White Collar Criminal Trials

Creizman LLC started right out the gate in 2017 with two back-to-back high profile white collar criminal trials.  In January, Creizman LLC represented a former hedge fund portfolio manager in a federal criminal prosecution for conspiracy to mismark the prices of securities. Press accounts of Creizman LLC attorneys’ cross-examinations and closing arguments can be found at the following links:

SEC Whistleblower Prodded On Misconduct At Fraud Trial – Law360
Visium Trader-Turned Whistle-Blower Tied to Hedge Fund’s Demise – Bloomberg
Visium witness says he didn’t know alleged fraud was illegal

Starting February 13, 2017, Creizman LLC is preparing to represent an IT professional charged with participating in an illegal bitcoin operation and in related bribery charges.  Links to press accounts of that case can be found at the following links: Trial Date Slips After ‘Disappointing’ Gov’t Tactic
Defendants Reject Plea Deals Ahead Of Trial – Law360